As difficult as the quarantine has been for humans, it has been so wonderful to see how many puppies and dogs have been adopted. Raising a puppy and having a dog is a joy, an honor, and a great responsibility. And it is important that you start out your pup’s education on the right “paw”, so to speak. As a dog lover and behavioral therapist, it is my mission to help make sure that newly adopted pups grow up to be calm, relaxed, well behaved dogs and are able to live the rest of their lives in their current homes. I’m here to help with all your puppy-related concerns.

Follow me for an 8 part series on all things puppy.

Part 1. Preparing for Puppy’s Arrival
Part 2. Surviving the First Week
Part 3. What is Normal for a Puppy?
Part 4. 4 Basic Needs
Part 5. Setting Some Rules and Boundaries
Part 6. Socialization
Part 7. Enjoying your Pup
Part 8. Special Considerations (issues you may find, particularly in rescues)

To learn more about the type of dog training I do and how I can help you set the foundation for a great lifelong relationship with your dog, please visit my Training Services page

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