The Case of the Unruly Boston Terriers

Meet Nelson, Dottie, and Cash! These adorable little creatures were giving their mom a run for the money with their barking, jumping, and door rushing. I taught her how to "speak dog" and within minutes they calmed down and were responding to her body language and tone of voice. See for yourself how their front door manners changed right within minutes!

The Case of the Zigger and Zagger

I recently adopted Dixie, a 1 1/2 year old female Boston Terrier. She came to me very unsocialized, really having no exposure to the outside world. She’s a confident dog, so she’s not afraid of anything, but she would lose her mind with excitement in public and around any kind of distraction. She was a huge puller on the leash and would zig and zag all over with the slightest of distractions. This video shows and describes some of the awesome progress she’s made since I adopted her.

The Case of the Crazy Puller

Meet Axel, an 8 month old, intact male German Shepherd who lives in the heart of the Bronx. This video shows his progress during a session on leash walking.

The Case of the Deaf Rescue Pup

This is the story of my rescue pup Dobby’s transformation. The first part of the video was how he arrived to his foster home in the U.S. He was born completely deaf, and his first owner had made the huge mistake of trying to train him with a laser pointer, which caused him to obsessively bark, dig, and chase lights and shadows (canine compulsive disorder, which is like OCD in humans). He also developed separation anxiety and was eventually moved out of their house into a yard where he barked and circled constantly, like you see in the video. His owner surrendered him when neighbors took him to court about the barking, and the owner was being told to have the dog’s vocal cords removed. Dobby was in the care of a wonderful foster mom with Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue, and when I heard his story, I fell in love. When I adopted him, he came to me with all those issues and food aggression.... and he wasn’t a big fan of crates. Take a look at how he’s transformed into a happy, relaxed boy. I love him so much, and it is such a blessing to have him in my life and to be able to learn from him on a daily basis!! Dobby is living proof that with proper training, leadership, and structure, and of course love, rescue dogs can overcome years of poor treatment and grow to lead happy, wonderful lives. His deafness does not slow him down or impact him in any way. I have learned so much from him, and I am happy to be able to use that knowledge to help my clients who have dogs that are deaf, or have other complicated issues. I hope his story gives you hope!

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